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NSNB @ The Villiage Trestle 7/29

Well our Debut show at The Villiage Trestle in Goffstown is in the books, and was a huge success. This would not have been possible without the efforts of this great band, friends & Family who support us.

Dan Bergeron as Kenny Chesney was spot on, and had the crowd singing along to every song, and it got me thinking as I looked over at him having fun with the crowd, why the hell didn't we do this years ago?

Rick Risti was on fire with his guitar playing even with a finger injury, he powered through it all and had everyone cheering him on. I couldn't help but look over at him and smile and think about us playing together in Thrust as kids over 30 years ago, and has lead us to this day. I am blessed to be still playing with Rick, and could not be happier playing with my best bud!

Lenny Shea was solid as a rock on his drum kit, and played the songs of Kenny Chesney with power and conviction. It was a joy to have that solid back beat behind me all night. When a bass player like myself has that kind of power and support, it just does not get any better than that! I could not help but look back at him and smile when we locked. It was magical!

Larry Novak played his keyboards through the sets masterfully, and added some incredible backing vocals to the mix. It is such a joy to have keyboards and great harmonies in this band. We are very fortunate to have Larry.

I want to send out a special thank you to my NSNB support team of Beverly Carnes Dunn , Michelle Risti, Dan & Maria Stewart & Linda Catalano for helping with promotion at the event. And a hardy "We Are Not Worthy" Extra Special thank you to the staff and amanagement at The Villiage Trestle for treating us like Rock Stars THANK YOU BRENDA!!!!. And a very special thank you to everyone that came out to see our first show at The Villiage Trestle. It was a special night, WE WILL BE BACK!

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