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No Shoes Nation Band

With one rehearsal under our belt and 7songs in the can, and they sound great! We are well on our way to bringing the No Shoes Nation Band to a venue near you!

These are the tunes we have gone over so far:


Don't Blink

I Go Back

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Anything But Mine

Beer In Mexico

American Kids

Next up:

When The Sun Goes Dows

Till It's Gone

Living In Fast Forward

Save It For A Rainy Day

There Goes My Life

The last song, There Goes My Life has a special meaning in my heart. It was the song I was going to have Danny Wray sing at my Daughter Elise's wedding for the Daughter Daddy dance. When I played the song for my Daughter and her Mom, they loved the song and the lyrics, so fitting for a Daughter Daddy dance, and by the end as Kenny sang, "There Goes My Life..." we were all in tears. I knew then, that I wanted to write a song that carried the same emotion in the lyrics and the melody. And with some encouragement by my Wife, and an incredible guitar arrangement by Rick Risti, I spent the better part of 3 months writing the lyrics, and re-arranging the song to go with the lyrics.

I then asked my good friend Bill Holbrook to add pedal steel guitar to the song to give it a country feel. He put down some very nice parts, which added a wonderful country vibe to the song. Rick also layed down several additional guitars and the preliminary guitar solo. I then spent the better part of a week laying down a scratch vocal track for Danny Wray to ultimately sing, as I could not make it through a single line without getting all choked up. As difficult as that was, I knew we were on the right track for a great song.

Danny came into the studio a few weeks later and recorded the vocal track in one take. Danny was able to convey the heart and soul that the vocal needed for the song to have the same emotional impact as a Kenny Chesney Ballad. In fact I kind of had his phrasing in mind when I wrote the melody. I had Danny Wray sing the song Live at my Daughters wedding for the Daughter Daddy dance, to surprise my Daughter Elise. She thought he was going to sing "There Goes My Life", but we surprised her with this beautiful Ballad.

I sang iit to her in her ear as we danced, and cried. It was an amazing moment.

The song is a beautiful piece of music, that was recorded years before we even had the idea of a Kenny Chesney tribute. And it's only fitting that I share the song with The No Shoes Nation, as the song "There Goes My Life" was a huge inspiration for our song "It's A Good Day"

Here's the link, I hope that you enjoy this pure labor of love!

Please Leave Feedback Thanks! Enjoy!

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